I am Chairman Meow, Leader of the Feline Revolution!


Welcome to my webpage!

My basic principles are embraced by Meowists worldwide. A collection of my speeches and writings can be found in The Sayings of Chairman Meow, commonly known as The Little Cat Book. It is one of the most popular and extensively-studied books in the world, and millions of copies are in circulation.

Here are some excerpts. Please read them carefully, and apply them to each aspect of your life. Enjoy!

XXI. Self-Reliance and Arduous Struggle

We stand for self-reliance. We hope for human aid but cannot be dependent on it; we depend on our own efforts, on the creative power of the feline army and the entire cat population.

Here I am with Wendy. Although she feeds me and cleans my litter box and takes care of me, I am fiercely independent and self-reliant!

Chairman Meow with Wendy Chao

Chairman Meow

VI. Imperialism and Non-Felines Are Paper Tigers

Non-felines are paper tigers. In appearance, some are terrifying; in reality they are not so powerful. From a long-term point of view, it is the cats who are really powerful.

Not only am I terrifying in appearance, I am also powerful! Look at those fangs!

XXXII. Culture and Art

A cat without culture is a dull-witted cat, and a dull-witted cat cannot defeat the enemy.

I have very refined tastes in culture and art. My favorite contemporary artist is none other than Alexander Scott, who visits me every day and rubs my belly. Here, I am displaying one of his works.

R: Fold by Alexander Scott. Latex on pine ply, 15.75" x 19.75" (2003).

Chairman Meow

Chairman Meow with Alexander Scott

VII. Dare to Struggle and Dare to Win

Felines of the world, unite and defeat the aggressors and all their running dogs!

Alex was once opposed to the feline movement, and even considered himself a dog person. However, because I am disarmingly cute, I have conquered him with my charm! Alex is now a faithful Meowist.

We avoid conflict, and we don't want to fight. But if circumstances force us to fight, we fight to the finish.

Click the photo on the right to see a video demonstrating the evolution of my fighting skills as I go through my rigourous training schedule.

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